GeoPlatform Release Notes

February 2024 (Version 1.62.0)


  • GS-1666 Sync Terriamap Configuration Files with s3

  • GS-2859 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - generate-portal-lambda

  • GS-2861 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Collections Components

  • GS-2862 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Metadata Components

  • GS-2863 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Metadata Insights Components

  • GS-2865 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Support Components

  • GS-2869 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Utils

  • GS-2930 POC: Opensearch Disaster Recovery

  • GS-2951 Remove jQuery from frontend

  • GS-2983 Search Results: Advanced search for records of no results

  • GS-2993 Implementation - Deprecate old GitHub Code

  • GS-3007 Develop and Deploy Complete - Search Optimize Lambda

  • GS-3008 Implement - Cutover

  • GS-3035 Add keywords for additional data cleanup

  • GS-3046 Develop and Deploy Complete - Registering Turtle Artifacts

  • GS-3047 Develop and Deploy Complete - UI Changes for Search Results

  • GS-3049 Add autocomplete functionality to the registry insights search component

  • GS-3050 Update the URL hydrating/building logic for the registry insights page

  • GS-3052 Develop and Deploy Complete - Implement proactive notification banner

  • GS-3054 Develop and Deploy Complete - Remove angular-bootstrap-md and replace with Angular Material

  • GS-3062 Update census stac based on their new WAF

  • GS-3063 Metadata page details overview map

  • GS-3064 GP cached services in opensearch

  • GS-3088 Develop and Deploy Complete - Add JSON-LD Formatter and Logic to gp-metasearch

  • GS-3093 Develop and Deploy Complete - GPT Search Embeddings - UI

  • GS-3094 Develop and Deploy Complete - GPT Search Embeddings - Vectors

  • GS-3095 Develop and Deploy Complete - GPT Search API Support

  • GS-3108 Update referenes to FAIR Insights to FGDC Conformance Checklist

  • GS-3109 Deprecate individual NGDA Metadata Results Page

  • GS-3116 Multiple bounds for augment json

  • GS-3117 XSL View re-write

  • GS-3118 Develop and Deploy Complete - Remove GN3/GN4 Servers from all environments

  • GS-3129 Injection: Item details (changedate)

  • GS-3132 Cached Services

  • GS-3133 IngestJson lambda optimization

  • GS-3135 Implement- Checkbox Selection and Search on Geoplatform Website

  • GS-3136 Implement - Enable Real-time Search Trigger for Filters

  • GS-3137 Regression: Unnecessary Horizontal Scroll Bar

  • GS-3138 Remove Empty Spaces Below Pin Strip When No Button Links are Available

  • GS-3141 Cache Service Outage and Confirm NGDA Themes Availability

  • GS-3142 Fix Facet Filters Behavior for Multiple Selections

  • GS-3159 Search type: clicking checkbox to submit new search without having to hit search button

  • GS-3160 Search: Move the “Provide Search Feedback” link, currently overlaps with advance search

  • GS-3163 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Newly Discovered

  • GS-3222 sit-ExtractMetadataFromDataGov

  • GS-3229 Upgrade STAC Browser to 3.1

  • GS-3240 Agency and NGDA Theme missing from details page

  • GS-3242 KB Writeup on SPARQL

  • GS-3243 KB Writeup on RDF

  • GS-3249 Add Census and National Map to catalog.json

  • GS-3257 Update GeoPlatform Banner Image

  • GS-3263 Upgrade convert lambda

  • GS-3276 Remove convert and ingest lambdas from GP repo

  • GS-3283 FAIR Insights not available on SIT, STG, PRD

  • GS-3295 Implement Event Logging for AWS Lambda Functions in Data Processing Workflow

  • GS-3298 Fix lint-data-gov-record script to compare manifest and DataGov modified dates

  • GS-3345 Remove unused CSS

  • GS-3349 TerriaJS Styling

  • GS-3355 ckanGeospatialToCsv concat CSV

  • GS-3360 STAC Browser Breadcrumb

  • GS-3362 STAC Browser special characters

  • GS-3371 Update Terriamap-Configuration to deploy new version

  • GS-3377 Return both distribution and sources in gp-metasearch API

  • GS-3381 Update AugmentJson to allow records w/o an Abstract

  • GS-3390 Fix ISO Namespace Issue that’s cause records to not make it into opensearch

  • GS-3431 Update AuditSourceDataset and EventBridge to delete DCAT source records from S3 and OpenSearch when deleted from DG


  • GS-1940 Search Page - issues on search bar available on homepage and Search page

  • GS-2970 Disparity between collection count and cached services count

  • GS-2985 By the Numbers not updated since 5/17

  • GS-3096 Develop and Deploy Complete - Padding Issue

  • GS-3099 3xx/4xx Status Errors on KBase

  • GS-3164 Formating in Abstract not handled

  • GS-3230 geoplatform_portal fails to build STG target

  • GS-3246 Lost the Cards on the App for Sparql and RDF

  • GS-3252 redirect

  • GS-3273 Portal displaying [object Object]

  • GS-3275 Fields combined with “and” in an “any” search

  • GS-3302 404 Error on the website

  • GS-3331 GeoPlatform home page search bar doesn’t provide a way to search a field other than the title field

  • GS-3333 Portal Support 19115-3 without @xsi:schemaLocation

  • GS-3335 Resources not showing on details page

  • GS-3337 FGDC Conformance Checklist not displaying in PRD/STG

  • GS-3367 Discrepancies between DG and GP

  • GS-3372 CacheMetadataFromDataGov Failing on GP-Lib module

November 2023 (Version 1.61.0)

What’s New

  • A new backend system called gp-metasearch has been developed that replaces the existing GeoNetwork servers for housing the metadata for search. The new backend will take advantage of AWS OpenSearch (Elastic) to provide a more robust search experience.

  • A SPARQL service is also now available. This will be the initial entry point into the GeoPlatform Cached datasets for RDF and SPARQL related services. This service takes advantage of the ONTOP Virtual Knowledge Graph and tie directly into our existing cached data sources.

Notable fixes

  • GeoServer upgraded to 2.22.4

  • Improvements to KB Pages

  • Improvements to Metadata Detail Pages

August 2023 (Version 1.60.0)


  • GS-2358 Report the Agency/Bureau Code from DCAT records

  • GS-2774 Implement a Content Security Policy for GeoPlatform

  • GS-2790 Rule: distribution format name for ISO 19115-3 records

  • GS-2837 Develop: Portfolio view of Organization Assets

  • GS-2867 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - KeyCloak Components

  • GS-2947 Resolve RDS Deployment error.

  • GS-2984 Injection: Census STAC Catalog in PRD

  • GS-3005 Develop - Colleace Values for Facets


  • GS-2895 Search where term is always passed: user gets all records

  • GS-2964 Don’t assume a metadata file is present in registry insights page

  • GS-2971 Disparity between search results count and # in CSV

August 2023 (Version 1.59.0)


  • GS-2256 Create loading skeletons for Fair Insights page

  • GS-2491 Apply fixes to discovered 508 Compliance issues - KBase

  • GS-2645 Lambda Readme update: -ReharvestRegistryInformation

  • GS-2652 Lambda Readme update: -ExtractMetadataFromDataGov

  • GS-2779 remove service broker if unused

  • GS-2850 Discover: Proactive Notifications for outages, slow search, etc.

  • GS-2860 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Angular Core

  • GS-2864 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Search Components

  • GS-2866 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - NGDA Components

  • GS-2887 Discover: Newbie - Guided Search option

  • GS-2922 Fix URLs in QACQ for automated qaqc tests against kbase

  • GS-2925 POC: convert ISO to DCAT (xml to json), leverage the geonetwork Java lib

  • GS-2926 POC: Augment ISO_JSON to add Facets to JSON

  • GS-2980 Capture Dat Sync / Cleanup Work


  • GS-2884 Title Tag not Updated on Angular Router Activation - Registry Insights Details Page

  • GS-2962 Top of content is cropped on some pages

July 2023 (Version 1.58.0)


  • GS-2248 Combine primary search/marketplace results and insights search results components into single component

  • GS-2785 Rule: has-geospatial-data-links for ISO 19115-3 records

  • GS-2786 Rule: has-valid-vocabulary for ISO 19115-3 records

  • GS-2868 Resolve Frontend Linting Errors - Static Pages

  • GS-2928 POC: Update Opensearch stack to latest version

  • GS-2945 POC: Deploy Search API to SIT


  • GS-2490 Apply fixes to discovered 508 Compliance issues- Portal Site

July 2023 (Version 1.57.0)


  • GS-2847 Backend: CSV download on search results

  • GS-2904 Frontend: CSV download on portfolio search results

July 2023 (Version 1.56.0)


  • GS-2831 Add agency filters to primary search on geoplatform

Users can now filter the records based on the agency using the newly added facet option named “Agencies”. To access this, go to and check out the Agencies option lister under the filter on the left.

July 2023 (Version 1.55.0)


  • GS-2826 Add registry insights to generate portal lambda pages

  • GS-2835 Browser tab shows “404” for several NGDA Theme pages

On the registry page, the browser tab will now show the title of the record instead of 404.

  • GS-2856 Add Loading Skeletons/Wheel to Metadata Details Page

Users will now be able to see a loading skeleton on the record details page when the page is loading records. To view, go to and click on any of the available records.

June 2023 (Version 1.54.0)


  • GS-2198 Registry Page - [STG] DCAT metadata type filter is not available on the registry page as expected

The “Metadata Type” facet option is now available on the Registry Insights page. Go to to see this.

  • GS-2857 Re-add the 404 Error Page to the Metadata Details Page

The 404 error page functionality has been re-added to the metadata details page. The 404 page now shows correctly when an error that should show the 404 page occurs.

  • GS-2879 INJECT: Allow users outside USA to access GeoPlatform

Users outside of the USA can now access the Geoplatform website. Go to to check that the website is accessible outside the USA.

May 2023 (Version 1.53.0)


  • GS-2120 Discover - Harden python requirements for geoplatform KB build

  • GS-2191 Delete GN records no longer in

  • GS-2251 Add linter to frontend code base

  • GS-2419 Test -3 records in Harvest and Data pipelines

  • GS-2422 Develop: Enforce the ‘title’ and ‘type’ property on the definition of a STAC queryable

  • GS-2637 Add Static Pages to Sitemap.xml

  • GS-2768 Page not displaying in GP because of JSON formatter

  • GS-2795 ElasticSearch Cloudformation infrastructure

  • GS-2811 Track GP generated artifacts and display on metadata page

  • GS-2818 display artifact_states in the metadata page

May 2023 (Version 1.52.0)


  • GS-2257 Create loading skeletons for Registry Insights page

Users will now be able to see a loading skeleton on the registry insights page when the page is loading records. To view, go to

April 2023 (Version 1.51.0)


  • GS-2727 Remove or hide link to NGDA cache report on FE

Removed the NGDA Import and Artifact Report from the “Geoplatform NGDA Cache Report” page. Visit

April 2023 (Version 1.50.0)


  • GS-2528 Develop: Lambda for Collections import into GN

  • GS-2594 Update the “NGDA Theme” thesaurus name to include GeoPlatform

  • GS-2612 Mozilla Observatory Analysis: GeoPlatform

  • GS-2633 Collections Explorer temporal filter for multiple collections

  • GS-2736 Update to latest version of the STAC Fast-api


  • GS-2724 remove eo:cloudcover queryable from collections in pgstac

  • GS-2745 setMetadataType error: An error occurred while executing: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘getMetadataFilename’)

March 2023 (Version 1.49.0)


  • GS-2723 Replace the “?” icons for record links and files

Replaced the ? icons for record links and files. Go to and click on any of the records, navigate to Record Links and Files section and we can see that for each of the records and links available in that section will now have a valid and relevant icon instead of ?

March 2023 (Version 1.48.0)


  • GS-2420 front end issues with the ISO 19115-1/-3 records that were published to GN

Some of the records displayed the full information in GN but not in the GP interface.We have fixed this issue and now, the site now displays full information as expected. Check

  • GS-2453 Registry Insights Facet enhancement

On the registry insights page, users can now multiselect the metadata types facets.

  • GS-2504 Update GP Search hint

Updated the GeoPlatform Search hint text such that users can now realise that the search now does a full-text search of the metadata record titles.

  • GS-2687 Redesign of footer on collections page

Revamped the footer on collection page

March 2023 (Version 1.47.0)


  • GS-2505 Keywords, Tags, linked searches broken with change to default search

Added link to every keyword badge in the sidebar on the metadata page. Now searches on a metadata record page will return the correct results. Visit and click on any record. On the record details page, when we click on the badge listed under Keywords, it will navigate to the correct search page.

February 2023 (Version 1.46.0)


  • GS-2249 - Create loading skeletons for homepage carousels

There is no indication to the users, when the carousel content on the homepage is loading. To overcome this issue, the carousel tiles will now come up as shimmering skeletons as shown below:

  • GS-2530 Develop: Support Multiple Collection searching in the portal /collections page

Users can now select and search multiple collections. To see how it works, go to,0a107680-29d7-5f67-aa20-26f3cf6f8752.

By default, all collection items are returned if no collection is selected. View it

  • GS-2559 Develop: Collections explorer pagination

Added pagination to the collections page. Visit and select a collection with more than 50 results (Example: ) . Scroll to the bottom of the results and paginate through them using the next/previous buttons.


  • When users clicked on any of the menu items on top, the button or menu that was selected was not highlighted. This made it difficult for users to identify which menu they were currently at. To overcome this issue, we have updated the button styling on the navbar to show a blue underline under the selected button.

  • The Spatial Extent rule will now display the rule output. Visit, and click “Check for valid spatial and temporal extent” rule. The extent values will now be populated as shown below.

February 2023 (Version 1.45.0)


  • GS-2405 POC: Badge or GeoPlatform searchbox available on other sites

  • GS-2557 Ensure that waf2stac completes topo map vector run in fargate container

  • GS-2563 Gather Search Feedback from users

  • GS-2608 Implement repair script for census


  • GS-2503 Harvest Census records

January 2023 (Version 1.44.0)


  • GS-2550 Discover: How to pass PIV x509 cert information from to Angular frontend

  • GS-2555 capture agency in waf2stac collection provider

  • GS-2556 Add proper error checking around all uses of DOMParser.parseFromString()

  • GS-2558 Fair Insights UX: Replace “X Datasets Passed” with “X Datasets have no recommendations”


  • GS-2451 Restructure Item Asset according to spec

January 2023 (Version 1.43.0)


  • GS-2471 Rule: 004-downloads-and-links for ISO 19115-3 records

  • GS-2495 Develop: Integrate STAC API Collection searching with /search page

  • GS-2506 Update Cloud Hosting Document [GPSD-2654]

  • GS-2536 Discovery - The National Map Topomaps collection


  • GS-2488 Update NGDA Theme Keyword

  • GS-2543 BackupLMT lambda not writing db dump file

  • GS-2551 Update link to NGDA Portfolio Community site to new Hub site

December 2022 (Version 1.42.0)


  • GS-2185 Develop - Implement new Metadata Details page in Frontend Portal

  • GS-2511 Make Collections Explorer Mobile Friendly/Responsive

  • GS-2531 Add UI elements to repair duplicates

  • GS-2533 Census waf2stac cli module for collection NDJSON

  • GS-2538 generate collections.ndjson from individual collections.json files


  • GS-2510 Lat Lon Filter on Search Page Is not Drawing Bounding Box

  • GS-2518 Frontend fails to render on all Safari-based browsers

  • GS-2519 Collections Temporal Extent Structure

  • GS-2521 Rule: has valid vocab template not displaying correctly

November 2022 (Version 1.41.0)


  • GS-2352 Create a Census STAC Catalog similar to national maps

  • GS-2401 Align style of Demos/apps to homepage

  • GS-2439 Support multi-word keywords in search

  • GS-2443 Update Rule and Documentation: Checks for direct links to geospatial data

  • GS-2455 Get static National Map STAC Catalog into prod

  • GS-2458 Add filters to STAC collections explorer

  • GS-2460 Remove NDJSON features and collections without features


  • GS-2267 Duplicate Census Record in GP

  • GS-2337 Update Rule: Validates vocabulary codes against the ISO-19115-1 codelist

  • GS-2412 BLM Records not updated in GP

  • GS-2425 Error in sitemap container: xmlParser.parseStringPromise is not a function

  • GS-2427 Error in ReportDataSources lambda: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined

  • GS-2440 KB incorrect link in Rule: Checks for valid spatial and temporal extent

  • GS-2454 Robots.txt on frontend have deny all in its definition

  • GS-2457 STAC API bad request on /search endpoint

  • GS-2493 waf2stac Fargate container crashed on startup

  • GS-2512 Rules template renderer throws error on object key/value iteration

November 2022 (Version 1.40.0)


  • GS-2399 Develop - Implement the new home page mock

  • GS-2211 Develop: Adaptive STAC Search UI

  • GS-2429 Save WAF2STAC static files as intermediate output usable for PG-STAC


  • GS-2377 registry insights not displaying “link to source”

  • GS-2402 Duplicate Census Records

  • GS-2409 Homepage - On smaller screen, the menu items are not listed properly

  • GS-2410 Record’s resources displayed in GN not in GP

  • GS-2432 Search Page - Console Error

  • GS-2441 Update Rule: Checks for valid spatial and temporal extent

October 2022 (Version 1.39.0)

No notable updates

October 2022 (Version 1.38.0)


  • Min/Max Zoom Scales to LMT

Terriamap now configured to post and get saved share link configurations from s3 using out of the box accessKeyId and secretAccessKey for S3 access.

  • AND functionality within search

GeoPlatform search uses an OR operator to search terms across title, abstract and keyword fields. The result of using the OR across multiple fields increases the number of search results returned as words are added to the search term. Instead of increasing the search result count as new words are added to the search term, fewer results should be returned to the user. An AND operator may be used to decrease the number of search results returned as the user adds words to the search term.


  • Has Image rule doesn’t handle SVG

An SVG browse graphic causes an exception in the has Image rule. The FGDC guidance does specify JPG or PNG but GN displays the SVG. Create an error for the rule that specifies that SVG is not a supported format.

  • Review Logging use

Adjust non-fatal errors to use logger.warn instead of logger.error to prevent unwanted cloudwatch alarms and for general code cleanup.

  • LSIB Rank not working

Some of the MVT tiles were not showing the RANK as expected. This has been fixed and now we can see the RANK as expected. This can be viewed on this record.

September 2022 (Version 1.37.0)


  • GS-1137 Support OWS service URLs in the Data Pipeline

  • GS-1999 Develop - Sitemap Lambda

  • GS-2338 Update Rule: Checks for direct links to geospatial data

  • GS-2344 GP Communities Reorganisation

  • GS-2364 Sitemap Lambda - Cloudfront work


  • GS-2216 NGDA’s out of date

  • GS-2269 GeospatialMetadataScorer Error: Runtime exited with error: signal: killed.

  • GS-2324 Typo in Rule: “Checks that the Maintenance Frequency Code is current with todays date.”

  • GS-2372 Google Analytics not capturing casual user experience

  • GS-2380 UpdateLMTNGDA failing with out of memory error

September 2022 (Version 1.36.0)


  • GS-2105 Develop - Allow searching by geographic extent.

  • GS-2139 Registry Insights Search Typeahead Fixes/Enhancements

  • GS-2237 Develop - Fuzzy search of possible duplicate/closely related records

  • GS-2327 Develop: Run FAIR Insights against metadata file

  • GS-2359 ADD Event to GeoPlatform Home Page

  • GS-2361 [INJECT] Add download tracker to GAnalytics of metadata links


  • GS-2197 - certain records results as undefined instead of the record name.

  • GS-2228 KB - The Geoplatform logo needs to be updated so that it is more clear.

  • GS-2312 Homepage - Search is not working when we search for the keyword manually

August 2022 (Version 1.35.0)

No notable updates

August 2022 (Version 1.34.0)


  • GS-2069 Search: Add link to a theme’s data page

  • GS-2165 Apply Frontend SEO Lambda to static pages

  • GS-2232 Rework NGDA Import due to re-indexing

  • GS-2315 Develop: Security for STAC API

  • GS-2348 Registry Insights Enhancement - Typeahead Suggestion endpoint


  • GS-2141 Kbase - Certain links on the kbase are broken

  • GS-2270 Census record missing Gov Units Theme

  • GS-2326 STACApi deployment bucket

August 2022 (Version 1.33.0)

Welcome to another August 2022 release for

What’s New

This sprint/release focuses on internal system improvements and hardening.

  • Develop a rule to check if service has a known service format name. Search metadata for service identification use of the SV_ServiceIdentification/resourceFormat/name element.

  • Develop passing rule for ‘in“ and “metadata tagged geospatial in” for all datasets

  • Upgrade terriajs v7 catalog file to v8 catalog file and test on GeoPlatform terriamap instance

  • Rework NGDA Import Process -

    • Record-oriented instead of Batch oriented

    • Significantly improved upstream error detection and reporting

    • Significantly improve duplicate record detection

    • Perform pre-analysis on datasets and sources

    • Enhance LMT updates to support synchronizing all changes and removing duplicates

    • Additional consistency checks on all available identifiers

Aug 2022 (Version 1.33.0)

Welcome to the first August 2022 release for

What’s New

  • FAIR Insights Rules

    • Rule - Name and Description

    • Rule - Metadata Has Direct Link to Data

  • STAC Catalog Schema for Shapefiles

  • Documentation - Linked Open Data

July 2022 (Version 1.32.0)

Welcome to another July 2022 release for

  • Design Combined Metadata View

  • WMS, WFS, MapService and FeatureService Validation

July 2022 (Version 1.31.0)

Welcome to the first July 2022 release of

What’s New

  • Create a vector style of Large Scale International Boundaries to help user understand the ‘RANK’ of each feature.

June 2022 (Version 1.30.0)

Welcome to the final June 2022 release of

What’s New

  • Develop - Lambda for Single Page Application

  • Service Desk Documentation Improvements

  • Add “Support” link to geoplatform main nav

June 2022 (Version 1.29.0)

Welcome to the first June 2022 release of

What’s New

  • Registry search facets should update counts of other facets when selected

  • Design - Deeper Validation of ESRI Map and Feature Services

  • Create SLD for limiting Geoserver WMS zoom levels

May 2022 (Version 1.28.0)

Welcome to the final May 2022 release of

What’s New

  • Fix Format facets in GP Search Page

  • Replacing Loading Results and Filters

  • Reduce the number of duplicate records in GeoPlatform

  • Lambda and queue to re-harvest registry information from

  • Lambda to Identify type of metadata ISO, CSDGM, DCAT

  • Add TerriaMap OpenAPI configuration to rapidocs

May 2022 (Version 1.27.0)

Welcome to the first release for May 2022 of

What’s New

  • Enable Searching by exact title in Registry Insights

  • Provide Better Insights through improved harvesting Errors

  • Identify and remove duplicate NGDA entries in GeoPlatform

  • Inventory Data Sources From ISO Metadata

Bug Fixes

  • Search Page - Certain formats were not displaying records upon selection

April 2022 (Version 1.26.0)

Welcome to the final release for April 2022 of While you might not see any changes to GeoPlatform for this release, we have made a number of improvements under the hood.

What’s New

Search Results We’ve been working on improving GeoPlatforms Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that when someone searches on Google or Bing for GIS data that we make F.A.I.R., GeoPlatform will better be represented in the list of search returns.

Group Facets for file/data formats - This Normalize data formats into well-known names and allow faceted search on that name. It also provides the framework for future search improvements

Sorting returns by the modifieddate field of the file metadata.

Bug Fixes

Fixing the “Never” for harvested NGDA’s on our About Page.

Coming Soon

  • An all new GeoPlatform Site Stats Page

  • More Search Improvements

April 2022 (Version 1.25.0)

Welcome to another April 2022 release of We’re proud to annouce an all new GeoPlatform Knowledge Base application (and retirement of the old one) along with a few notable bug fixes.

What’s New

An all new GeoPlaform Knowledge Base (aka KBase) powered by Sphinx. Anything you need or want to know about GeoPlatform, but were afraid to ask (or just didn’t know where to find it). New documents and faq pages are coming out soon, so keep coming back for updates.

Notable Bug Fixes

  1. The legacy page has been updated with a new message for content editors.

  2. When typing in the search bar, results populate the page before the user would hit enter. This no longer happens.

  3. Action buttons have been added to the Sources section of the Registry Insights details page to Expand or Collapse the Source rows to make it easier for users to review data sources.

Coming Soon

An all new GeoPlatform Site Stats Page

April 2022 (Version 1.24.0)

Welcome to the first April 2022 release of Exciting new additions includes API Gateway Swagger Documentation and CQL lookup in GeoNetwork.

What’s New

API Gateway Swagger Docs - This documentation API is now publicly available API and Interactive documentation with schemas

Swagger Docs

Notable Bug Fixes
  • GPSD-2159: BLM Survey123 Connect Login Issue - Allows BLM Staff the ability to log into Survey123 Connect with GeoPlatform ArcGIS Online login

  • Demo Page - Filter by Type “Demo Example” would not filter the results as expected.

Coming Soon

  • New Knowledgbase powered by Sphinx

March 2022 (Version 1.23.0)

Welcome to the March 2022 release of Excited about some new tools being released this month and improvements to our FAIR Insights: Climate & Economic Justice Screen Tool Release - The Justice40 Initiative was created by the Biden-Harris administration, against the backdrop of economic and climate crises, to fulfill its campaign promise to ensure that at least 40% of federal climate investments go directly to frontline communities most affected by poverty and pollution. New FAIR Insight Rules - We are continuing to add additional rules to support data being Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable in GeoPlatform.

FAIR Insight Rules

Rule: Has Extent (GS-1569)

Has Extent

Notable Fixes

GS-1617 Metadata Source Types are not being recorded for use within GeoPlatform and some search improvements
GS-1472 General SEO Improvements
GS-1376 Improvements to download links for geospatial files

Coming Soon

GS-1473 Quicksearch feature for Chrome in the URL by pressing TAB

March 2022 (Version 1.22.0)

Welcome to the March 2022 release of Excited about some new tools being released this month and improvements to our FAIR Insights: New FAIR Insight Rules - We are continuing to add additional rules to support data being Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable in GeoPlatform.

FAIR Insight Rules

Rule: Point of Contact (GS-1652)

While there are many opportunities within the ISO metadata record to identify contacts, the inclusion of a Point of Contact enables and the GeoPlatform to direct users to a single point of inquiry for the resource. To facilitate discovery by ‘organization’ within and the GeoPlatform, the Point of Contact should be the agency directly responsible for the metadata publication. In addition to designating the publishing agency as the Point of Contact, it is important to designate the associated Responsible Party Role as ‘publisher’, as shown below.

Rule: Vocabulary/Code List (GS-1565)

This FAIR Insight rule checks for FGDC recommended code lists and that their code types are valid. Code List Vocabulary and Codes are referenced from the official ISO codelist here:

Rule: Maintenance Frequency Code (GS-1567)

Notable Fixes

GS-1663 Ability to now sort by date on GeoMarketplace
GS-1223 Improved 404 response page
Various Demo improvements (GS-1588)

Coming Soon

A new knowledge base website is being developed for April 2022
Community portals moving to Esri HUB

February 2022 (Version 1.21.0)


  • GS-1616 DNS 301 Rewrites for new ALB

  • GS-1612 Save all the logs into AWStats, then search logs and run analysis

  • GS-1604 PRD - Registry Sources Full implementation

  • GS-1581 Add sources information to registry insights API

  • GS-1571 Insights UI Changes: Updated Text

  • GS-1566 Rule: Spatial Projection

  • GS-1563 Rule: Output distribution formats

  • GS-1504 Remove Frontend download link to GeoNetwork Metadata

  • GS-1465 Develop Open-In Feature

  • GS-1447 Terriamap API Gateway OpenAPI YML

  • GS-1420 Geoplatform API unique id link, Frontend / backend

  • GS-1405 Develop - Update preflight check to update LMT with NGDA import lambda failures

  • GS-1378 Develop - Create AWStats process and page for GeoServer/Terriamp CloudFront Distribution

  • GS-1355 For Terria config file, explore benefits and prepare demo

  • GS-1138 Incorrect dates in GP

February 2022 (Version 1.20.0)


  • GS-1575 Add existence of registry insights to metadata api

  • GS-1555 add name and gn_id parameter to service link URLs on GP search page

  • GS-1524 Injection: Terriamap Config Tilegarden Table Check

  • GS-1505 Develop - STG / PRD Cross-Domain Keycloak vulnerability

  • GS-1443 Move update-pygeoapi-config lambda to pygeoapi stack

  • GS-1434 Roll out PygeoAPI to STG/PRD

  • GS-1391 Link back to Insights

  • GS-1386 Draft Registry Details: Sources

  • GS-1383 Registry: Facets Route

  • GS-1347 Develop - Create AWStats process and page for GeoNetwork

  • GS-1279 Configure CSW API

  • GS-942 On Homepage, a page that describes how we “Apply FAIR standards to Geoplatform”

January 2022 (Version 1.19)


  • GS-1520 Injection: terriamap open-street-map-type URL fix

  • GS-1419 Release Page

  • GS-1389 Registry Details: Breadcrumb + Links

  • GS-1388 Registry Details: Shell Page

  • GS-1387 Registry Details: Import History (FE Work)

  • GS-1384 Registry: Persistence

  • GS-1364 Disable access to

  • GS-1026 Harvest Original FGDC Metadata API

January 2022 (Version 1.18)

Welcome to the ## January 2022 release of There are many updates in this version that we hope you like, some of the key highlights include:

  • Revised Marketplace - Browse datasets planned for acquisition by FGDC member agencies. Find potential partners already trying to acquire data you’re interested in.

  • F.A.I.R. Insights Preview -

  • GeoPlatform STAC - The federal catalog of catalogs.

  • Maps Explorer Update - We are now using TerriaMap v8 which comes with some new features.


You can now search for “Planned” and “On Going” projects related to datasets that are planned for acquisition by FGDC member agencies. More about the program can be found here.

F.A.I.R. Insights

Learn more about this new service at FAQ - GeoPlatform FAIR Insights

GeoPlatform STAC

GeoPlatform STAC is the catalog of catalogs. Visit: **

Maps Explorer Update

Visit Site:

Notable fixes

  • GS-1435 HSTS Support for Terriamap

  • GS-1436 HSTS Support for GeoNetwork

  • GS-1437 HSTS Support for GeoServer

  • GS-1438 HSTS Support for PygeoAPI

Coming Soon

  • Insights Registry -

  • GeoAPI Support -

December 2021 (Version 1.17)

  • GS-1439 HSTS Support for Tilegarden

  • GS-1432 STAC Website App Card

  • GS-1418 Results PyGeoAPI PostGIS Driver issues with datasets

  • GS-1292 Rules Engine: Getting Started intro paragraph on Root Insights Page

  • GS-1291 Rules Engine: Change Branding to “FAIR Insights”

  • GS-1290 Rules Engine: Trigger running rules in UpdateGeonetworkMetadata

  • GS-1288 Rules Engine: Create FAQ pages for existing rules

  • GS-1286 Rules Engine: Side Panel FAQ and explanations

December 2021 (Version 1.16)

  • GS-1454 Injection - GeoIP plugin for AWStats OR Postscript processing

  • GS-1442 Develop - AWStats on GeoPlatform to read user IP addresses

  • GS-1430 Create the Release Document for 1.16 and get with Humberto

  • GS-1410 Implementation for PyGeoAPI

  • GS-1404 Develop - Create History Table to discriminate import history

  • GS-1399 Update configuration file to include metadata.json (TileJSON spec)

  • GS-1373 Discover - DNS subdomain routing to subfolder for New GeoPlatform Marketplace

  • GS-1350 PLSS V2

  • GS-1287 Rules Engine: CLI Tool Improvements

  • GS-1283 Rules Engine: Main Metadata Page Widget

  • GS-1281 Rules Engine: Agency Summary on Root Page

  • GS-972 Expose LMT Sources information in public shared API

November 2021 (Version 1.15)


  • GS-1398 Test Case for Metadata insights

  • GS-1394 PLSS V2: Mapupnik demo

  • GS-1379 Injection: Fix LSIB Data Ingestion

  • GS-1370 API endpoint for metadata sources to minimize reliance on metadata sources

  • GS-1368 Add Collections to the STAC catalog for GP

  • GS-1359 STAC Catalog cloudfront, route53 and certificate manager

  • GS-1301 Terriamap minor UX changes

  • GS-1299 Develop - Front End Marketplace Page

  • GS-1285 Rules Engine: Agency Page Dataset Filters

  • GS-1280 Rules Engine: FAIR Flags

  • GS-1252 Develop - Source button and link to metadata record GP is harvesting from

  • GS-446 Discover - Backlog Tickets using CloudWatch metrics/alarms for existing services.

November 2021 (Version 1.14)


  • GS-1265 Search Page - Completed pill is displayed in two different colors

  • GS-1263 Search Page - Error on developer console when we click on All/Datasets/NGDA themes/Cached services tab

  • GS-1245 Search Page - Status filter not working

  • GS-1239 Error while running json tests

  • GS-1143 Shared API not working in STG?


  • GS-1352 Enable Large Scale International Boundaries NGDA to cache on NGDA Import Report

  • GS-1349 Update Terriamap for crud_metadata (new)

  • GS-1294 POC - pygeoapi

  • GS-1284 Rules Engine: Render Rule Output on Dataset Page

  • GS-1282 Rule Engine: Layout Tweaks

  • GS-1237 Mock of ideas, 2nd iteration of Demos Page UI

  • GS-1183 Develop - AWStats Adjustments to CloudFront Logs

  • GS-1166 QA Team needs guidance on developing test case for label:frontend.portal.products.cache

October 2021 (Version 1.13)

Release notes - GeoPlatform Dev - Version 1.13.0


  • GS-1205 Fix permission error in PRD nightly AWStats

  • GS-1196 Record Detail Page - Getting 500, 503 error message on the console

  • GS-1184 Running lambda tests results in modified files


  • GS-1295 Ignore conformsTo when processing DCAT records in CacheMetadataFromDataGov lambda

  • GS-1200 Add List to Rules Engine

  • GS-1195 Set up JSD help widget and integrate into portal

  • GS-1194 Adding GeoPlatform components back into Behind the Scenes list on Apps page. Adding IDM and Knowledge Base as two apps on the Apps Page

  • GS-1193 Injection: Discovery: Match theme on powerpoints, app page, github, etc.

  • GS-1188 Terriamap Lambda Catalog Update

  • GS-1186 Data Formats FAQ available on Rules Engine

  • GS-1176 Develop Rules Engine UI - Export dataset lists

  • GS-660 Develop Rules Engine UI - Home Page Stats

October 2021 (Version 1.12)


  • GS-1190 Fix update-lmt-ngda lambda to allow reports to run

  • GS-881 Issues on Story Editior - Terriamap

  • GS-731 Terriamap buttons having the wrong color and poor contrast Story

  • GS-1177 Remove Australian Disclaimer on Terriamap

  • GS-1127 Develop Rules Engine UI - Agency Page

  • GS-1032 Terriamap - Adding dataset using Add Local/web data

  • GS-678 Develop Rules Engine - Rule TBD to develop Runbook

  • GS-507 Viewer - 404 Page for Terriamap needs a rewrite

September 2021 (Version 1.11)


  • GS-1153 QA/QC bot not posting to private-test-team channel

  • GS-727 Terriamap CSS Add Data - No URL specified under Data URL


  • GS-1123 Create sidecar entry for Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)

  • GS-1086 Develop Rules Engine UI - insights page

  • GS-906 Develop - Create an Index and Thesaurus for GeoNetwork’s Q search to better filter the NGDA themes

  • GS-884 Develop Rules Engine - Create an API for summary pages of rules engine results

September 2021 (Version 1.10)


  • GS-1171 Injection: image fix for Reports

  • GS-644 Develop Rules Engine - Add some additional fields to Rules Engine to support consistency between environments

  • GS-643 Develop Rules Engine - Grab dataset Agency from and store in LMT

August 2021 (Version 1.9)


  • GS-1114 Design - Way to split out lambda stack IAM permissions

  • GS-1070 Utilizing AWStats with S3 websites logs

  • GS-903 Port demo explorer widget

  • GS-792 Create POC of transform to support tabular source such as CSV, XLS or XSLX with geo points as source from

August 2021 (Version 1.8)


  • GS-1054 Identify timeout issue with Keycloak codebuild


  • GS-1084 Deploy PostGIS-indexed GeoNetwork to PRD

  • GS-1079 Geoplatform NGDA Cache Report: User sees cached page and assumes report has not ran

  • GS-1043 NGDA Themes pages Needs link to official Portfolio list

  • GS-894 NGDA Portfolio View Report

  • GS-851 Support downloading from FTP sites - Omernik’s Level III Ecoregions Of The Conterminous United States

  • GS-804 Terriamap service names for non-NGDA datasets

  • GS-765 CRON for QA/QC Tests

  • GS-436 Update Registry Table and Models for Tags

July 2021 (Version 1.7)


  • GS-1073 Update LMT Lambda to Support New FGDC NGDA Spreadsheet Format

  • GS-1052 All reports linked to About Us page need to run nightly

  • GS-1050 Homepage widget/About page add a “Last Harvested” date.

  • GS-870 NAD: Complete Logic map table to support over-riding default zoom level governance

  • GS-513 Create a field/tag in the logic map table to drive a generated run list (BlockedList or AllowedList) for large or non-conforming ISO19139 metadata xml files

July 2021 (Version 1.6)


  • GS-979 Tilegarden not precaching zip code layer correctly


  • GS-1046 Investigate rendering of Treasure Island for USDS

  • GS-986 Coordinate app promotion

  • GS-915 Implement AGOL Keycloak IDP

  • GS-896 NGDA Retirement - remove from magic_harvest and geonetwork

  • GS-878 Upgrade from aws/codebuild/standard:3.0 image

  • GS-680 DCAT 1.1 full metadata reference will expose more records, pull ISO from the DCAT per the “1.1”

  • GS-562 Viewer - Terria Map links go to wrong links (current live or aussie map site)

June 2021 (Version 1.5)


  • GS-969 The Data size mentioned on the homepage is 874 MB but Data volume mentioned on the About page is 834 MB.[Please confirm whether these two count represents the same]

  • GS-968 On About page, for Tile Service Catalog, the page opens as expected but the title was displayed as Artifact Catalog

  • GS-967 On About page, for NGDA Import Report, the page does not have logo.

  • GS-941 Set GeoNetwork health check grace period to higher value

  • GS-693 ExtractMetadata generating duplicates in cache queue


  • GS-966 Website S3 Logging

  • GS-964 Collect hits/views per month for new Geoplatform

  • GS-922 Part 2 - PopulateTileGarden Config Scale Support

  • GS-858 Part 3 - Set allowed zoom levels in Tilegarden for certain datasets

  • GS-855 Data Pipeline Investigation - BLM National Public Land Survey System Polygons

  • GS-853 Data Pipeline Investigation - Outer Continetal Shelf Block Aliquots

  • GS-852 Data Pipeline Investigation - BOEM Seismic Water Bottom Anomalies

  • GS-323 - GP Diagram

  • GS-283 Capture the Original Spatial Reference of a Dataset

  • GS-61 Handle bounces/complaints from SES

June 2021 (Version 1.4)


  • GS-961 results in bad gateway error, potential legacy server issue with Zivaro

  • GS-934 Terriamap API Gateway Issues

  • GS-751 WMS need to be registered on full metadata pages and searchable


  • GS-937 Search Results Page - Add Tab for GP Generated Formats

  • GS-912 Verify ArcGIS support multiple identity providers

  • GS-838 Coordinate Test of new setup for Zivaro Keycloak hosting

  • GS-739 User, Role, Group Design

  • GS-497 Include infrastructure environment tag in report email subject

  • GS-282 Design retry logic for PreocessNGDAChanges in presence of recoverable errors

June 2021 (Version 1.3)


  • GS-924 Nightly report running but not updating date on about page

  • GS-910 Tile Service Catalog links route to bad URL


  • GS-916 Generate AGOL Mailing List to guide outreach

  • GS-911 big demo opportunity for GP On ## June 30. Coordinating with NGA on climate data and geoplatform.

  • GS-877 Re-index Lucene after generating GP MAGIC products/service

  • GS-873 Part 1 - Investigate way to harvest min and max zoom levels from sources

  • GS-822 Demos: Standing Stack and features and ## Maybe showcase other use

  • GS-821 Demo: Discover Fed Geo Terria Showcase

  • GS-742 Design Iteration reviews - Red (AGOL: Workflow, Account Clean, Storage Clean, Compute Clean)

  • GS-353 Legacy sunset cutover checklist/plan approved

  • GS-319 Keycloak and Legacy gpoauth sequence diagrams for authentication flows Diagram

June 2021 (Version 1.2)


  • GS-910 Tile Service Catalog links route to bad URL

  • GS-850 Generating Tiles for files not in catalog or failed in harvest

  • GS-674 Terria Map Viewer - Transparent png from USGS National Map Topo Basemap is showing dark blue


  • GS-856 Retire datasets - Census Bureau Regional Office Boundaries & Army Military Land Tracts (AMLT)

  • GS-835 Improve System Stats Presentation

  • GS-830 Create HIFLD WordPress Community Container

  • GS-729 Results Page - Make sure the URL cannot be hijacked

  • GS-669 New Login/Sign-up Page Flow

  • GS-658 Demo Results View for Metadata Facts Presentment

  • GS-634 Document auto-recovery configurations for containers

  • GS-609 Cache - Resolve Tilegarden tile serving hardening issues (e.g. broken tiles on-demands )

  • GS-537 General - Investigate TLS 1 usage for

  • GS-525 Document process in wiki for syncing NGDA updates to LMT

  • GS-392 Legacy - Confirm if any non datagov records that are in RegP need to sideCar load via RegP Migration Records

  • GS-377 Investigate OE names issue

  • GS-291 Audit/Shadow CCB User Reports to Prod related to

  • GS-204

  • GS-290 Audit/Shadow User Accounts Report to Prod related to

  • GS-204

May 2021 (Version 1.1)


  • GS-846 Geoserver I/O error on map preview

  • GS-817 CORS error on STG and PRD for the latest system stats (on the About page)

  • GS-764 PostGIS connection issue in precacher

  • GS-763 UpdateGeonetworkMetadata queue processing too slow

  • GS-748 Tiles on demand arent working consistently and auto testing not catching it

  • GS-484 RegisterNGDAGeoserver λ: Switch out Admin credentials to a less priviledged user Story

  • GS-876 Update Raster and Vector Tile links to include name and gn_id parameters

  • GS-847 Improve the readability of the initial linked reports

  • GS-834 Fix Keycloak in PRD

  • GS-814 Kortoza implemented into prod


  • GS-811 Set Default Base Map

  • GS-805 SFTP Account Setup for BOEM

  • GS-793 DNS for Kartoza GeoServer

  • GS-699 Need Harvest Report published nightly and linked from About us and Apps/Demos page

  • GS-629 Document account/pw keep checklist and gain approval on how this is documented

March 2021 (Version 1.0)


  • GS-713 Validate error - TerriaMap only loads the NPS Base Map in Chrome

  • GS-662 GeoNetwork - PopulateServicesAndDistributionsGeonetwork issues


  • GS-724 Turn off Year filtering rule for unpublished - allow records to be published

  • GS-709 Make ProcessServicesBroker bucket private

  • GS-705 Clone portal from prd to test banner changes

  • GS-702 Address unwanted GeoNetwork health check restarts

  • GS-700 Terria - Terria - do not show skeleton, only show where have tiles generated, remove the 2nd tier

  • GS-696 GeoNetwork - Optimize GeoNetwork CPU/RAM per environment

  • GS-675 General - Replace s3-sync serverless plugin with AWS cli usage

  • GS-664 General - Accumulate all STG and PRD DNS records

  • GS-663 Metadata Pipeline - GeoNetwork + troubleshooting

  • GS-661 GeoNetwork - Capture failed records during GeoNetwork downtime

  • GS-655 Metadata Pipeline Updates for Audit

  • GS-654 Metadata Pipeline Updates for Artifacts

  • GS-648 GeoNetwork - Reprocessing Task

  • GS-647 Metadata Pipeline - Reset, run pipeline in staging

  • GS-618 General - Let Frontend know (GPV2-69) - when they can officially add the banner messages to announce/link to new beta site

  • GS-610 General - Fix public flag issue limiting WMS/WFS stability

  • GS-607 GeoNetwork - load all unpublished metadata into GeoNetwork

  • GS-606 Metadata Pipeline - Capture signoff and acceptance of “changed files” test

  • GS-605 Metadata Pipeline - Datagov - Handle UUID changes/clean-up

  • GS-604 GeoNetwork - Validate metadata harvesting w/ EU validation disabled

  • GS-602 Metadata Pipeline - Find a way to get harvest_object_id from another API

  • GS-595 Metadata Pipeline - Streamline Data.GOV api calls in metadata fetching lambdas

  • GS-589 General - GeoServer Public Access

  • GS-587 Leaflet preview does not display details

  • GS-583 Metadata pipeline - visibility for Dispatch events (PrecacheTilegardenLayers)

  • GS-575 GeoNetwork - Change default GeoNetwork admin passwords

  • GS-549 Metadata Pipeline - Update extra.json file to cleanly import all NGDA datasets from scratch

  • GS-548 General - Infra Production deployment

  • GS-545 Metadata Pipeline - LoE: Bring in/Show Original FGDC Metadata by ISO option

  • GS-543 Metadata Pipeline - Save Cached Filename in Registry Table

  • GS-542 General - Data Pipeline - Production deployment

  • GS-539 Metadata Pipeline - Harvest Load congressional data into staging

  • GS-523 GeoNetwork - Address alarm: PopulateServicesAndDistributionsGeonetwork

  • GS-473 Add domain and domain mapping for API Gateway

  • GS-467 Metadata Pipeline - Enable certain sources on import in update-lmt-ngda lambda based on ruleset

  • GS-416 General - 2020-2021 expires 3-12-2021

  • GS-58 Metadata Pipeline - Test Metadata Lambdas with CKAN 2.8


  • GS-708 Validate S3 buckets Perms: Public or restricted (Parallel item)