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ISO Metadata

This FAQ references the FGDC endorsed ISO (International Organization for Standardization) metadata standards, ISO 19115: Geographic information - Metadata. For more information see FGDC’s ISO 191** Suite of Geospatial Metadata Standards.

ISO metadata provides descriptive, information about geospatial datasets and products to make them easier to discover, access, and use. The ISO standards specify the XML implementation for the metadata.

Metadata Background Information:

ISO/XML Metadata Editors

Since XML is a textual format, text editors could be used to create and modify XML. In practice, unless the changes that are being made are relatively simple having an XML editor simplifies the process. XML editors provide added capabilities to manage XML tags and structure. ISO metadata editors are XML editors that are specialized for ISO metadata editing. These editors can be further specialized to support agency- specific metadata requirements.

FGDC ISO Geospatial Metadata Editors Registry

The FGDC Office of the Secretariat (FGDC OS), located in USGS, working in collaboration with the FGDC’s Metadata Working Group (MWG) reviewed ISO metadata editors. Note, the review was limited to ISO Metadata Editors that provide specific support to the creation of geospatial metadata in compliance with the ISO 191** series of metadata standards, and the work was completed September 30, 2020.

FGDC Reviewed ISO Metadata Editors

Federal agency metadata editors

XML Editors (not authoritative)

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