FAQ - GeoPlatform Sunset Overview

What is the main difference between the new and old sites?

The previous site was focused on supporting end-users in creating their own data, maps, and galleries. With the guidance under the Geospatial Data act of 2018 and the Open Data Act, GeoPlatform.gov launched a new site focused on curating existing collections. The first major collection is http://data.gov with over 100,000 geospatial records. Further analysis and partnering will continue to bring additional geospatial data collections. In parallel, the new site will bring open-source and re-usable cloud-hosted tools, software, and application integrations to integrate with these data sources.

Where will my data assets registered directly on http://geoplatform.gov go?

Data assets created on the legacy http://geoplatform.gov have been analyzed and found the majority to be temporary, no longer working, currently on http://data.gov, or needs to go through the Open Data Act guidance to be on Data.gov. All data assets (Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries) will not be migrated over. Any assets on http://data.gov currently in proper form will be available on http://geoplatform.gov.

What is happening to the GeoPlatform ArcGIS Online?

This capability will remain the same and users will be able to log in from the sign-in page. However, account access will change to require Login. gov to access ArcGIS Online on October 1st, 2021. The Service Desk will support users in migrating accounts.

What is happening to the GeoPlatform Communities?

This will remain the same capability on the initial launch. After analysis of the communities, 90% of the communities have a simple need, and those will be migrated to a simplified solution later in 2021. Accounts will also be migrated in collaboration with working with the Service Desk. For the handful of more complicated communities, http://geoplatform.gov leadership is working directly with those communities to adjust to the new overall model.

Will I still have account access to create records on GeoPlatform.gov?

With the new model to be focused on curating from existing collections under guidance from the CDO Council and FGDC, users will no longer have the capability to upload data directly to http://geoplatform.gov.

The legacy site had a visualization component – will the new site have such?

Yes, the capability to make maps, mash-ups, create your own configurations will be available using the GeoPlatform hosted instance of the open- source Terria viewer suite - https://terriamap.geoplatform.gov/. The GeoPlatform ArcGIS Online organization is also available.

How long can I access the legacy site?

The legacy site will be available at http://legacy.geoplatform.gov through 2021, so that you can download, access, and copy previous assets.