Fair Insight Rule - Validate Vocabulary Code List

  • Validate Vocabulary Code List

    • ISO 19115-1 Codelists

Validate Vocabulary Code List

This FAIR Insight rule checks for FGDC recommended code lists and that their code types are valid. Code List Vocabulary and Codes are referenced from the official ISO codelist here:


ISO 19115-1 Codelists

The following codelists are checked for their presence and validation of their respective code types. They are documented in the FGDC Technical Guidance: Data.gov and The GeoPlatform Metadata Recommendations.

- ISO 19115-1 Date Type Codes (Date element)
  - gmd:identificationInfo/gmd:MD\_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI\_Citation/gmd:date/gmd: CI\_Date/gmd:dateType/gmd:CI\_DateTypeCode
  - ISO 19115-1 Progress Codes (Status element)
    - gmd:identificationInfo/gmd:MD\_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:status/gmd:MD\_ProgressCode
- ISO 19115-1 Maintenance Frequency Code (Status element)
  - gmd:identificationInfo/gmd:MD\_DataIdentification/gmd:resourceMaintenance/gmd: MD\_MaintenanceInformation/gmd:maintenanceAndUpdateFrequency/gmd:MD\_MaintenanceFrequencyCode
  - ISO 19115-1 Role Codes (Responsible Party element)
    - gmd:contact/gmd:CI\_ResponsibleParty/gmd:role/gmd:CI\_RoleCode 

Linked Open Data

The ISO codelists and vocabularies support linked open data. The metadata records in GeoPlatform can be transformed to JSON-LD, DCAT RDF, and DataCite schemas for Linking Data. See FAQ - GeoPlatform Linked Open Data