Fair Insight Rule - Maintenance Frequency Best Practices

Maintenance Frequency Best Practices

This FAIR Insight rule checks for the existence of a Maintenance Frequency Code in an ISO 19115 metadata record. From the FGDC guidance:

MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode is the frequency with which modifications and deletions are made to the data after it is first produced

Metadata creators should include one of the several Maintenance Frequency Codes within this element: MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode

If frequency code is set to asNeeded or notPlanned , an additional element should be set to completed here: status>MD_ProgressCode

Best Practices

  • If more than on Maintenance Frequency Code is specified, the value with the greatest range will be used. Example, annually takes precedent over weekly .

    • asNeeded or notPlanned codes will also need a Status Progress Codes of completed .

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