Signing in and Gaining Elevated Access to a Community Site

Signing in

Signing into an Community’s ArcGIS Hub site is possible with only a GeoPlatform Communities ArcGIS Online (AGOL) organization account. This is a separate account that uses a different organization than the GeoPlatform AGOL. If you do not have one, see the section below on gaining access below.

  1. Navigate to the Hub site’s admin dashboard

    • Append /edit to your Hub site’s URL (ie

  2. Select the Sign In button

  3. A sign in dialog will open. Select Sign in to your account on ArcGIS Online

  4. Select Your ArcGIS organization’s URL

  5. Input gp-communities into the dialog box

    • Optional: Select Remember this URL checkbox

  6. Select the GeoPlatform Account option

Gaining Elevated Permissions in ArcGIS Hubs

  1. Preform a first time sign in by visiting the GeoPlatform Communities ArcGIS Online Organization

  2. Select the GeoPlatform Account option

  3. Follow the sign in process

  4. Make note of your username in the upper right hand corner of ArcGIS Online

    • Note: this will likely be different than your username within the primary GeoPlatform ArcGIS Online organization

  5. Download and Sign the Rules of Behavior document

  6. Submit a request ticket to the GeoPlatform Service Desk

Common Sign-in Troubles and Troubleshooting

Invalid username/password when signing into AGOL Hub with Google Chrome despite having proper credentials

  1. Exit Google Chrome

  2. Right-click on Google Chrome and open in incognito mode

  3. Navigate to

  4. Sign in with your account email, password, and one-time password

  5. You should now be signed into Hub

After submitting the one-time passcode, the “Submit” button becomes gray and does not log in

  1. Close the one-time passcode popup

  2. Click on “Sign In” at the top of the screen

  3. Click “GeoPlatform account/GeoPlatform ArcGIS Online”

  4. You should now be signed into Hub