Managing an ArcGIS Hub Communities


This is basic documentation for ArcGIS Hub as it pertains to the GeoPlatform. For a more comprehensive documentation of ArcGIS Hub, please read Esri’s documentation on Hub.

Updating a Community

Updating a Community’s Information

Members with the required permissions have the ability to update the information of a community.

Updating a Community’s Membership

Community members with the required permissions are able to invite and remove community members.

Editing a Page


The container for items on an AGOL (ArcGIS Online) Hub Page is the row. Community members editing content can add a variety of text and media to a row.

Basic Row Components

A community member can add these components to a row.

Text Box

The text box allows a community member to add text to a row.

Text boxes also allow a community member to write HTML to create content. Javascript as well as the use of the